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Leonardo Da Vinci - The True

            The Renaissance was a time of economic and intellectual changes in Europe.
             ideals of the Renaissance were individualism, humanism and secularism; one who personified .
             these characteristics was coined as a "Renaissance Man". One such man was Leonardo Da .
             Vinci, an Italian artist, scientist, inventor and engineer. .
             During the Middle Ages, everyone thought of themselves as one. Individualism, one key .
             aspect to the renaissance, was heavily conveyed by Da Vinci in the fact that he signed his work. .
             A more or less rebel for his day, Leonardo was left handed, (something due to superstitions was .
             considered "the devils work", forcing most lefties to instead write right handedly) One element .
             of his genius is in his "backwards writing", a more or less type of shorthand which he invented .
             himself, that allowed him to see beyond the ordinary, and this made it so that his writings could .
             only be easily deciphered with the use of a mirror. .
             The next ideal aspect of the Renaissance Man, according to Jacob Burckhart is .
             humanism. It goes without saying that Leonardo Da Vinci was a well rounded man. Not only .
             was he interested in painting and sculpturing, which is what he is probably primarily known for, .
             but also showed great interest in architecture, mechanics, sculpturing, and the study of anatomy. .
             He had a quick eye which helped him to make important scientific discoveries. Leonardo Da .
             Vinci's portfolio includes several drawings which reveal his intense study of human and animal .
             anatomy and plant life. This was recorded in his descriptively illustrated notebooks. One such .
             proof is in his picture of the "Vitruvian Man" which proved many relationships, including the .
             ratio between height and width. Because he wrote down and sketched so many of these .
             discoveries and observations in his notebooks, we can see that he was one of the first to .
             scientifically approach understanding how we see our world, and how it works.

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