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            We can learn much about our own values and attitudes by examining our response to particular texts. Explain, in detail, what you have learned about you own values and attitudes towards life and literature from you response to reading Breaktime.
             The meaning of literature is different with each person you talk to. One person may say that literature is a story of any kind fact or fiction but that a magazine is not. Another person may say literature is everything you can read. The dictionary defines literature as being, "The body of works of a language, period or culture. Imaginative or creating writing, especially of recognised artistic value." In many ways, all of these definitions are correct, because I believe that literature is whatever you want it to be. Literature is a way of communicating ideas and facts. Literature brings entertainment to people. It is a way of understanding and learning about a world outside of your own and it deals with issues that you may not have been aware of before. Literature is accessible to almost every person and that is what makes it so important.
             The importance of literature is almost as clouded as it's definition. Morgan believed that literature was worthless, as he put it "crap". Many people would agree with this, arguing that television, radio and now the Internet, can give you exactly what books do just much faster. To me literature is important because it encourages you to be emotional about your beliefs. It helps you understand yourself and the people around you better. Literature helps you communicate with others and share you ideas and opinions. As Elizabeth Drew said, "The test of literature is whether we, ourselves live more intensely for the reading of it." .
             Morgan says that literature is an out dated way of telling stories that are much more easily gotten from film and TV, he says that literature is a lie, that literature makes life look neat and tidy, which it is not, and that literature is a game played for fun.

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