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Impacts of the Progressive Era

            The Progressive Era has left many impacts on our society today. These impacts range from reforms in our city government structure and the way that it is run to workers compensation and child labor laws. The Progressive Era also introduced consumer protection laws into our government. These changes that came during this era have greatly affected the way our government is run today.
             The changes in the way city government is run originated in Galveston Texas after a hurricane roared in from the Gulf of Mexico in 1900. Reformers from other cities around the country were soon impressed by the changes that occurred in Galveston. The changes that happened there are the elimination of the mayor and city council. Five commissioners, four of which were local businessmen, replaced them. The reforms that took place in the voting process involved the creation of the direct primary. This was a preliminary election in which voters chose candidates for the general elections. This took the nomination of party candidates away from the upper class and businessmen and gave it to the general population of people. .
             During this era there were also great advances in consumer protection. The first of these advances occurred in the insurance industry. Charles Hughes uncovered bribery and huge salary increases that executives paid to themselves instead of covering the people who had paid their insurance. After his investigations, New York and other states soon passed laws to regulate insurance companies. This era also saw the creation of the FDA or the food and drug administration. This government agency has a huge impact on the regulation of drugs and food in our society today.
             The last of these changes that are outlined in this essay is the creation of worker compensation. Before this was created workers who suffered industrial accidents had little protection and were often left with no ways to provide food for their families.

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