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Population Dynamics

            Population dynamics are qualities that can be used to describe a population and predict how the size is likely to change over the years. This assignment is the prediction of where our society will be in 2050 and 2100. For sure our population will be drastically larger than it is currently. Our countries family growth rate is 2.1 with a death rate of about equal.
             There are different variables that dictate the level of population growth and they are births, deaths, immigration, and emigration. A population decreases with death and emigration and a population increases with births and immigration. The effects of population growth rely on resource availability or on other environmental changes. When the same amount of people are born and immigrate equal those who pass away or emigrate this causes zero population growth.
             In the 2050 year scenario the population growth rate will be roughly 2.1, which will equal 275 billion people in the United States. If the rate stays the same in the year 2100 the population will be circa 275 billion also. These numbers do not really change because the growth rate and the death rate are going to be roughly around the same because each year it stays the same at 2.1.
             A child in our society consumes 30-40 times the natural resources of a child in a developing world. Because of this we are using up our resources at a far greater rate than we should. It has been proven that we have to find ways to cut back on our natural resources so that we will always have them for eternity. This means that we need to have an equal amount of vegetarians and carnivores. If we have more of one than our food chain will be thrown of track and in a sense cause problems for us in the future. The higher our food chain is the fewer people will be fed. .
             The second scenario we have is that our growth rate will be 3. This is high and well above our death rate. If this is the rate then in the year 2050 our population will grow to 415 billion people.

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