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The Cellular Telephone System

            Cellular telephones systems are based on cell technology. The cell is the standard unit that covers a "geographic area in which there is radio coverage by a particular cellular phone system. The size of any given cell within a system depending on the geography of the cell."" W. Steward. Geographical area is important to wireless devices because they have to send and receive from the antennas that they connect to the cellular system. Signals used by the cellular devices do not have high power but low power base being affected by the terrain in and around the cell area.
             It is important to know the number of wireless devices that can be supported by a cell because every cell area is limited to a number of simultaneous wireless channels available. More wireless devices used and supported will increase the probability factor that most of the channels will be used. Typical cells are usually 10 miles to smaller ones of 1 or 2 miles radius. We can also make better use of use the cell area by subdividing or splitting the cells. Having more cells in one area will enable more channels and support more users. .
             "Located at the cell site is a Base transceiver and Station (BTS), he radio stations and the antennas that communicate to wireless devices within a cell- W. Steward. Some of the technologies involved in the cellular field are.
             Time Division Multiplexing Access .
             Coded Division Multiplexing Access.
             Global System for Mobile Communications.
             Cellular telephones have evolved from being large cumbersome devices used only to place calls, into small gadgets loaded with features, games, MP3 players, radios, and Internet enabled service, just to name a few. These are some of the more popular features of the cellular telephone system.
             Speakerphone - allows drivers of vehicles to safely operate their vehicles while answering a call.
             Automatic answer - answers incoming calls after a specified number of rings.

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