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How the Media has Affected Todays Youth

            Today's youth has been granted with such devices as the television, computer, and portable radios. With those items being available to children on a more common basis, and at a younger age, they are more greatly influenced by them, and what they say, show, and tell them. Parents will often times give their children these things to keep them occupied and out of their hair. Unfortunately, some people feel by doing this, that parents are turning there children evil by allowing them to watch explicit TV programming, horrible radio shows, and dirty lyrics by such artists as the infamous Eminem. But, many will argue this theory with the fact that it is the cable networks responsibility to set programs that are suitable for children of all ages, and is acceptable as clean, wholesome entertainment.
             Today's youth is greatly influenced by the ways and actions of professional athletes, due to most children see them, and instantly attract to them like they are the coolest thing in the whole world, and that they want to be just like them. It's that desire to be just like them that tends to get them hurt. Sports stars are not stars; they are actual human beings, who will, at times, make mistakes just like the rest of us. But with them, when they make mistakes, everyone knows about them. This is due to the media loves to take anything that happens and blow it up to create an issue of it, to attempt to deface their name at times. There also is a sense that sports stars are "untouchable", or can not get in trouble for anything that they do. Which shadows its mind into .
             some adolescents" brains and tells them, if they play sports and do bad things, than they won"t get in trouble. .
             The music industry as well has become quite a learning stone for young adults. Unfortunately, over the past years, music has become increasingly explicit; this especially in turn with references to sex, drugs, and violence.

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