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Romantic Lit & The Count of Monte Cristo

            Romantic literature is the type of literature that is not true to life. Romantic novels have many characteristics, including loose plots, miraculous occurrences, extravagant incidents, and heroes and their adventures. The Count of Monte Cristo is an excellent example of romantic literature because many characteristics of romantic literature can be found in its plot.
             First of all, Edmond Dantes plays our hero in this book, and goes through an immense number of heroic adventures. He suffers 14 years in prison, escapes the Chateau d"If, inherits the treasure from Abbe Faria, and then painstakingly plots all his revenge on Caderousse, Danglars, Fernand, and de Villefort, and succeeds in accomplishing them.
             The entire novel is based on a loose plot, jumping from one place to another, with a great variety of characters that are hard to keep up with. Of the many settings include: Paris, Rome, Marseilles, Auteiul, the Chateau d"If, and Isle of Monte Cristo. .
             Another thing I noticed while reading The Count of Monte Cristo was that there was so many coincidences. A few are: how the Count just happens to meet Albert and become friends with him in Rome, how the Count buys the house in Auteiul, when the Count bought Hayde's freedom, and also how Bertuccio is chosen as one of the Count's servants. All of these incidents link to how the Count will make his revenge.
             Alexandre Dumas was indeed a Romanticist because in this novel he used imagination and intuition to create a great novel. The Count of Monte Cristo is an impressive piece of literature that will be read for generations to come.

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