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The Count Of Monte Christo

            The Count of Monte Cristo; written by Alexander Dumas; .
             the main character: Edmond Dantes loses all perception of being a hero after his baptismal escape from the Chateau d"If, also by lying and changing his identity to The Count Of Monte Cristo. He was truly a hero to many people; but after disclosure of a friend, his Abomination, Bitterness, excruciating torment, and his final Vengeance, took over his heart and soul. .
             Edmond Dantes had everything; a beautiful wife, a propitious future, friends and family that loved him very much. It seemed as if his life was flawless. There was nothing that could possibly stand in the way of him and destiny. Having a promising future and then at the best time of his life, all his astonishing personal properties. Everything he ever dreamed of having been taken away from him in a blink of an eye. The fact of him knowing he was being punished for a corruption that was a total fallacy, made him so unbelievably spiteful that he seemed to lose the hero acts and become mean and vicious towards the life that he knew and loved so much. .
             When Edmond reached the water surface, he was a new man. All of his morals and everything he had ever been taught, by his father, and the priest, was washed away, and only one thing was in his head when he took his first breath of air was taken the first thing that crossed his mind was that he had to get out of the water so he could get back and get revenge. The only thing in his eyes was to find the treasure given to him, find his true love, and find the traitor that took his entire life away from him. Which he did a very good job at. He didn't care about himself anymore, he didn't care if he died or if he lived, he just wanted the people he should've loved the most, he just wanted them to hurt just as badly as he had hurt that 13 years. I don't blame him though, I guess after holding a grudge for 13 years, I might be a little tense too.

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