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The Benefits of Cloning Technology

             What comes to mind when people think about cloning? Probably a movie they have seen before, like The Sixth Day. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a man who is cloned without his knowledge. The clone takes over his life. This is just one fear that people have. But this is based on lack on information. The technology of cloning main objective is research on how to understand the human DNA better. The result is lives saved and diseases, like genetic diseases, cancer, spinal cord injuries, and infertility being cured. Cloning for many people sounds like a macabre act of scientists doing God's job, but it is not. These scientists are just using the raw materials given to us. Should cloning be allowed? Cloning should be allowed and supported by everyone.
             Cloning has actually been around for a long time. The definition of cloning is to produce a duplicate of something from itself. Some well known examples are fruit trees and flowering shrubs. The cloning of plants has been routine for many years in laboratories. Animals have just started to be cloned in laboratory settings. Probably the most well known experiment with a mammal is the cloning of a sheep at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1997. But what many people don't know are the biggest benefits that cloning could give to humans. .
             Cloning should be allowed because of the benefit it will produce for the treatment of diseases and fatal illnesses. By combining genetic engineering with cloning, scientists will have a better understanding of how to treat illness and disease. Presently, there is no cure for cancer. The most common treatment of cancer is chemotherapy. In this therapy, patients are given strong medications that stop the cancer cells from spreading throughout the body. Although this therapy kills cancer cells, it also kills healthy cells. With new cloning technology, the cancer remission rate could be as high as 99% for localized cancer through angiogenesis, an outcome of cloning.

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