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             Lets say you have a child and he needs an organ transplant to live. Right now, the organ your child needs is in short supply. If he doesn't get the transplant, he will die. Would you object to cloning that organ so your child can live? Cloning is the process of making a genetic duplicate of an organism (Freudenrich). Cloning is not new. Cloning has been around for years, but little attention was given until the birth of Dolly, the first cloned mammal in 1997 (Freudenrich). Right now, cloning is a hot debate all over the world. Many arguments can be made against cloning like are we playing god, but the benefits and the potential of cloning, like the medical uses for animal and human cloning, and being able to increase food supply far outweigh any arguments against cloning.
             Population in our world is increasing rapidly. Experts at the United Nations expect the world population in 2050 be around 7.8 to 12.5 billon. That's an enormous amount of increase in population from today. How are we planning to feed that many people? Experts believe food biotechnology is an important part of the solution. By using food biotechnology, we can increase crop yields. Genetically modified organisms reduce the constant need to clear more land for growing food. Such technology is in use today, and they hold the key to a more secure agricultural future, particularly for developing nations. Increased output of food in one of the benefits of food biotechnology. It may also help medical needs in some populations (Food Biotechnologies-Benefits for developing countries).
             Edible vaccines are genetically implanted inside a food and which need no refrigeration are being investigated to help alleviate the significant problem of providing sufficient, less costly and effective medicine for intestinal diseases in developing nations. Clinical trials are currently underway to determine whether genetically engineered plants are a mean to create vaccines.

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