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Cloning Cloning

             Is that a mirror, am I seeing double, or most likely, I"m looking into the future of genetic engineering. Cloning will perhaps be the most astonishing thing this generation of eyes will see. Cloning can be defined in a few different ways but it is basically making an exact copy of something else out of there DNA. Cloning is the biggest step in genetic engineering since the structure of the DNA double helix. Cloning is a very controversial issue and has many great sides and also many bad sides. The future of the world could be affected when the cloning mystery is finally and completely solved. Cloning has good sides and bad sides that can help or hurt the community and individual but one thing is sure; cloning will change the future.
             There are three different types of cloning. First there is Embryo cloning, where you are adding a cell from an embryo and replacing it into another fertilized egg, making either twins or triplets ("Human" 1). This practice has been done on many various animals but has scarcely been performed on humans. Next there is Adult DNA cloning; this is the most common type of cloning that is thought of because it shows a clone that was made from another living organism and looks exactly the same("Human" 1). Finally there is probably the most helpful and useful type of cloning, which is Therapeutic Cloning; this involves not the creation of an entirely new human being but the organs, tissues, and cells that go to make and cure us as well ("Human" 1) .
             How does cloning work and what would a clone would be like? Well according to Debbie Stanley, cloning human beings and anything for that matter is very complicated and hard to understand. There are a few different ways you can clone something; the first way is by taking by taking a reproductive sex cell from one organism and placing it into the reproductive system of another organism (9). This is basically making artificial twins or triplets.

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