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Is Cloning Beneficial to Society

            In today's society cloning is one of the most talked about and controversial issues. There are numerous people that oppose cloning while on the other hand there are people who are for cloning. People who are against cloning bring up points of morality and religion. One religious issue that I have heard is that God did not want us to multiply by cloning, He made us so that we can reproduce sexually so why are we (scientists) trying to play God by creating a human beings. According to an article by Robin Marantz Henig "Cloning renders the whole point of sexual reproduction. The blending of the heritage of one mother and one father into a splendid and unique life". To me this is saying that cloning does away with the feeling that two people are supposed to share when they find out they are pregnant. That love and that accomplished feeling won"t be there.
             Among all of this controversy, there are benefits to cloning. Cloning could be used to increase the population of endangered species of animals and therefore saving them from extinction. I think that cloning could benefit our society in many ways, one aspect is the military. I think that the DNA from a well-developed soldier with no major illnesses should be taken and cloned to produce several human beings to help fight wars. Another example is that scientists could take the genes of a very bright, well accomplished individual and clone them. I think they would be of great benefit to society. This would be so because there would be a lot more intellectual people in the world today. We could produce thousands of these individuals and train them to be teachers and doctors. This will lessen the amount of over-crowded classrooms and have more qualified teachers educating our children and therefore ending the shortage of teachers in the society. Having more doctors will decrease the amount of overcrowded waiting rooms in hospitals.

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