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            Imagine lying in a hospital bed about to die of heart failure, liver failure, or even kidney failure. Now imagine if the only way to live was to have an exact replica of your heart, liver or kidney. The only way that this could be possible was to have an exact clone made of your organ(s) through a scientific process called cloning. Now imagine that every piece of meat or animal that you eat was perfectly healthy for you. Once again the only way possible to do this would be to genetically clone an animal. Although many people may believe that cloning is omnipotent or unethical, one must realize the beneficial outcomes that cloning can bring forth to the human race.
             Many people strongly opposed one of the first clonings of a sheep named Dolly. Dolly was a genetically cloned sheep that raised many questions. The fact that it took 277 attempts to have one successful clone helped nurture peoples thoughts and questions to the idea.(3) However, the cloning of Dolly did bring a lot of new ideas to the table as well. It was now becoming more evident that if we clone animals, then we could prevent many diseases that derive from certain foods and meats. Diseases such as: Salmonella, Ecoli, and Hepatitis were beginning to be looked at as a disease, which could a thing of the past.(3) The only problem was that unless the efficiency of the cloning process could be improved, then it seemed that all of these ideas to cure such diseases that originated from spoiled meats, were all just a pipe dreams. However, just six months after Dolly's cloning, many other experiments and test were already underway. To U.S. companies "ABS Global and ACT (Advanced Cell Technology) have frequently succeeded in impregnated cows and pigs using cloned cells.(3) During all of their testing and observations studies proved that cloning works perfectly well on cells that have been genetically altered.(3) Basically what they're saying that they can impregnate a sick animal and have its clone come out perfectly healthy and disease free.

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