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Human Cloning: Threat To Mankind

            Twenty-first century is the birth of biotechnology to some people. We have seen cloned animals like the famous Dolly the sheep. We have also heard about three cloned cows. What about human clones? Will cloning a human be a mistake or a miracle? Biotechnology shows us now that a human clone might be possible. As of now, the practice of human cloning is illegal here in the United States. Human cloning also risky because we have many unanswered questions. Most important of all, it's unethical to clone a human being. The practice of human cloning is dangerous to mankind. .
             In 1997, the Roslin Institute in Scotland successfully cloned a sheep, which raised the question of whether cloning a human is possible. Ordinarily, species produce special sex cells. Male produce sperm and female produce egg. Each of them carries half of the information to produce a new individual known as Zygote. Half of the inheritance comes from the male's side and other half comes from the female side. However, in cloning involves nonsexual cells which carry all the "information from adult cell to make a new individual" (Cloning: how and why, video). From 277 special cells developed 29 embryos which were microinjected into thirteen mother sheep and twenty-eight of embryos never made it to birth except one named Dolly (Yount, p.121). Scientists created three bull cabs clones and later Polly the sheep. Scientists believe human shapes and forms began after 14 days of embryo other than that it's considered to be just a "massive cells" (The Cloning Revolutionary, video). The cloning revolution now leads us an ethical issue about human cloning. .
             Cloning human can be very helpful for some people. For instance, there are some couples out there that can't have a baby because they are infertile. Thanks to biotechnology, you can have a cloned child instead. Cloning technology can help remove disease from a clone when the original suffered from disease.

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