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            If it isn't broken why fix it?" is a phrase that often used when there are attempts to change or upgrade something that has not done anything to require a change. Change, it is act that occurs often in the world. People are constantly changing to the new innovations and ideas that are introduced everyday. Changes are usually made with the intent to benefit, but in a few cases the results are not those desired. There is always a risk involved when trying to change things, especially when there is no need to. There has been a change to almost everything imaginable, if something has existed for a while there is a good chance that it has been changed in shape or form. One area which scientists have yet to interfere with is the human life. Embryonic cloning, which is the first step of stem cell research, intends to just this. But due to public, religious and political pressure, the science world must put on hold their ideas and experiments to makes changes to the physical side of the human life.
             The human life can be viewed as an ongoing set of cycles, a baby is born, when they reach of age they get married to produce offspring which start new cycles, they then grow old until they begin to deteriorate physically, and then they die. These have been the generally accepted parts of human life. The goal of embryonic cloning is to change this cycle. Many of the people opposed to stem cell research and cloning are concerned that although the research is intended as a therapeutic necessity, it will lead to other unethical things. One concern is that of "designer babies", where parents would be allowed to pick the desired traits of their children, this would be a major change to human life. Today because of abortion and contraceptives, every child can be considered a wanted child. But if they were a "designer baby", the child may feel as if the parents didn't want their own child, they wanted a model.

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