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The Crucible

            The Crucible is a wonderfully written book by Arthur Miller in the 1950's. He created this book superbly and was rewarded for his many other writings. Even though The Crucible was not the most successful book that Miller wrote, it was popular and still is popular in many places around the world. This book is relevant today and is worth studying because it is essential for our knowledge and is important to know what it was like during the Salem Witch Trials that occurred in the 1900's.
             Arthur Miller wrote this book to bring back the past of the Salem Witch Trials so that people could see what it was like, or at least read what it was like during that time. The Salem Witch Trials are an important part of history and should be studied by people throughout the world. This reason is only one of the many reasons why this book was written and why it should be read by many.
             The world today is similar to The Crucible in a way that the society was. Throughout the book, there were many conflicts that occurred. For example, the conflicts that happened with John Proctor and Abigail, Rebecca and Mrs. Putman, Abigail and the girls involved in the witchcraft, Abigail and Reverend Paris, John Proctor and Paris, John Proctor and Elizabeth, and John Proctor and Hale. Society is very similar in the way that conflicts happen more often than not at all in relationships of friends and families. A majority of the situations that do take place are large situations and usually impact a person's life in a big way. In the book, one of the main focuses was guilt by association. In the world today there are many instances that occur with guilt by association, especially with teenagers and their parents. For example, if a teens friend was doing something that they should not be doing then the other teen was accused of doing it too even though they were not doing anything at all. Another theme of The Crucible was believing what you hear and not what is true.

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