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An Artisan

             "When I was in the fifth grade I thought I was stupid, so I conducted myself like a stupid person and achieved like a stupid person. When I was in the seventh grade I thought I was smart; I conducted myself like a smart person and achieved like a smart person. What does that say about human potential?- The empowering words of Ben Carson, famous neurosurgeon, and American idol, summarizes perfectly the power of a man's mind. Dr. Carson knows what it takes in order to overcome adversity and willpower. His well-written autobiography Gifted Hands stresses to its readers the belief in God, belief in yourself, and commitment to excellence-values he first learned from his mother. Gifted Hands captivates readers' minds and illustrate the power of moral character. .
             Dr. Carson's autobiography, Gifted Hands, shares his journey from a frustrated, bad-tempered inner-city youth to a world-renowned surgeon who revolutionized pediatric surgery and saved countless lives. Carson criticizes his own real-life anecdotes to demonstrate the impact of making the right choices when presented with the many dilemmas of life. This presentation brought into focus a wide range of issues including, self-determination, overcoming adversity, diversity, patriotism, and parenting. Ben Carson's use of literary devices presents a more realistic image for the reader to interpret. Ben Carson reflects on his many trials and tribulations in comparison to a scare-free, handed life). The reality of Ben Carson's life brings forth imagery of actually visualizing his struggles and experiencing them first-hand. The continuous dialogue between the characters in the book brings a serious and forceful tone to the readers. The tone, too, gives the book life and realty. .
             "Without adopting such a self-centered value system, we can demand the best of ourselves while we are extending our hands to help others."" Carson's philosophies brought a great deal op positive reviews to his biography.

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