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The Politics of Mining and Mining Communities

             Politics of mining around the world are being carried out more than ever by local community while monitored by media and nongovernmental organizations. In fact, governments, citizens, banks, insurance companies and investors want little to do with the industry because of it have not been caring as much as needed about welfare of local communities. As a result, mining companies need to follow their interest in a way that also promotes those of local communities in the region where they are operating. The continues relation of mining and its related communities is a good reason to pay serious attention. Improving environmental performance and reducing environmental impacts of mining are important; however it is not sufficient to guarantee the social health and welfare of allied communities. Therefore, it is vital to consider that communication, education and cooperative decision making are all important elements in sustainability of the mining industry. In the following example it's discussed that however these concepts are not new, converting these stated goals into reality are difficult. Yet, in different locations certain ideas are going toward a positive development for a more sustainable future. .
             Sustainable Mining Communities.
             A mining community is one where the population is considerably affected by a nearby mining operation. The community could be associated with the mining venture thought environmental, economic and social impact or through direct employment. These communities vary in size from a city to a village and their perception about mining and needs. In Canada, there are 128 communities that rely on mining ( NRCan, 1999) whereas other benefit indirectly. Mining communities around the world share multiple common characteristics including reducing employment as a result of mechanization, declining in commodities prices, lack of economic security and stability. Therefore, there are numerous challenges to making a mining community viable.

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