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The Troubles of Gold Rush Immigrants

            The California Gold Rush was one of most monumental events in the history of the United States. It was responsible for shaping the foundation of the modern class and social system while also creating the first big immigrant trend after the colonial period. The events which followed James W Marshall's discovery of gold in Coloma, California during the year of 1848 were important not only because of the fact that it generated the expatriation of approximately 300,000 people (who were commonly referred to as the 49er's to signify their arrival during 1849) to the state of California but also made San Francisco grow from a small settlement of around 200 people to a boomtown of about 36000 people by 1852 and the immigrants helped forge the modern American culture that is eminent today. .
             The massive expansion of population in California also helped designate California as a state by transpiring the creation of the Compromise of 1850. One of the most important aspects of the Gold Rush was the immigration process and the benefits along with problems it brought. None of the development of the contemporary American culture along with the geography of the Western US could have developed to the place it is today without the colossal influx of immigrants from Asia, specifically China. While these immigrants initially planned to make their fortune in the United States and then travel back to their native country to spend their wealth, many of them were stranded in the United States because of the competitiveness of gold mining and therefore settled in California and pursued numerous careers. .
             The Chinese were faced with stiff oppression in California because of the competitiveness of the jobs during the antebellum era and also due to the extremely different cultural traits that the two communities possessed. Eventually in 1882, President Chester Arthur prohibited the entry of any more Chinese immigrants and effectively closed the doors for any more Chinese emigrants by passing the Chinese Exclusion Act.

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