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Crandon Mine, WI

             The proposed Crandon Mine is one of the biggest environmental controversies in the states history. Throughout the struggle, there have been many issues that have come about through the environmental impact and potential ecological devastation, to the inconsiderate actions towards these areas native peoples. This proposal has been personified through local tribes. The area in which the mine would occupy is rich in natural resources and culture. The natural and cultural resources are the center of northern Wisconsin's economy and way of life. .
             In this case study of the proposed Crandon Mine will attempt to analyze the hypothetical environmental, cultural, and economic impacts of the proposed mine. Over the past two months, we have compiled a significant amount of information through field experience and exploring the many sources available about the topic. This paper is an attempt to expose the detrimental impact of the mining industry on the environment and culture of the region. .
             The main issue with the proposed Crandon Mine is the environmental impact to the site and the surrounding areas. Not only are this area affected, but the surrounding watershed of the Wolf River and the mining process would infect over 10,000 miles of rivers and other watersheds. The mining companies that are involved claim that this mine would be a state of the art, "environmentally safe" mine. The Crandon Mine would be one of the most state of the art mine that the world has ever seen. However, there is no evidence that the mining process is 100% environmentally safe, environmental degradation is inevitable. Throughout this section I will proceed to show the history of the mine, lay out the main controversial points of the proposal, explain in detail what the problems are, and show why the proposal would be so harmful to such a fragile and delicate ecosystem.
             Wisconsin's Mining Legacy.
             Wisconsin is a state that was built upon the abundance of natural resources that the area was blessed with.

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