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Implementation Plan Paper - Wi-Fi

            In this day and age technology allows people to remain connected. Berkeley labs will be implementing Wi-Fi on all of their passenger vehicles, providing Wi-Fi to students and employees using the lab's shuttle service. This technological connection permits students to continue their schoolwork while riding the bus and also provides employees with an opportunity to continue working. It is essential that the team adhere to the schedule to keep the lab within the budget for the project. Overall, Berkeley is planning for the Wi-Fi access to increase productivity and satisfaction.
             There are many benefits beside to productivity boosting that the lab wants to see out of the project. The primary focus however is actually increasing the use of the shuttle service to reduce overcrowding in the parking lot. The lab has 16 vehicles that will be fitted with Wi-Fi. The 16 vehicles include 10 shuttle buses and 6 passenger vans. It has been decided that company long-term use vehicles and cars will not have the access points installed. Obtaining the Wi-Fi will incite more people to use the service. Having more riders will help with the parking issues. .
             With approval, the project is set to begin on May 15, 2015 and will be held on the Lab's vehicle maintenance facility. Once the materials have been delivered and a team assembled the vehicles will have Wi-Fi installed and tested. The team will be working on two vehicles each day. With a firm budget set in place, Berkeley is counting on the team being able to successfully install the equipment and have it tested according to schedule. The schedule has been made without considerations for vehicle maintenance issues and key staff being needed elsewhere within the lab or absent. If all goes according to the schedule then all 16 vehicles should be fully equipped and successfully tested on May 27th, 2015. Surveying, ongoing testing, and maitenance will be conducted over the next few weeks, completing the project on June 15, 2015.

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