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Apple's iPhone 4G Flaws and Features

            600,000 eager Apple consumers rushed the stores on June 24th, anxious to finally receive their long-awaited iPhone 4g, which promised over 100 new features. Among these, the iPhone 4g boasts video calling, HD video recording, a 5-megapixel camera, iBooks, and the highest-resolution phone screen ever. With all the hype about the iPhone's new additions, it seems as if there's virtually nothing that this phone can't do. Except for one thing – get service. .
             Since its release date, many consumers have been experiencing dropped calls and signal problems when the phone is held a certain way, widely known as the "Death Grip" (Daily 2News). Consumers have been complaining that if they hold the iPhone in their left hand, they are unable to get a signal. Steve Jobs held a press conference concerning these issues, first acknowledging that, "We're not perfect" (Daily 2News), and then offering a quick solution – "Don't hold it like that" (Breaking Global News). However, Apple has recently released a tangible solution to the problem. At the price of $29, unhappy iPhone users can purchase a protective covering that forms a barrier between the antenna and direct skin contact, thus preventing the cause of the signal problems. For those incredibly displeased customers, Apple is offering a refund if the phone is returned undamaged within 30 days (Daily 2News). Although the disappointment seems to spread further, Steve Jobs claims that only 0.55% of customers have called in a complaint (Shuttervoice). .
             In addition to the reception problem, several other issues have surfaced. Although it is not certain whether this was intentional or unintentional, the label "4G" is misleading. To the majority of customers, this would suggest that the iPhone was capable of using 4th generation wireless internet standards when, in fact, it still uses the 3rd generation standards.

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