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Overview of the iPhone 6s

            The best invention in the past ten years is the iPhone. The iPhone is one of the most popular phones around. There have been over 700 million iPhones sold over the past 8 years (Smith). The iPhone was created in the summer of 2007. Apple already had an ipod out at the time and people were tired of carrying two devices around. Apple's CEO at the time, Steve Jobs, invented the iPhone. This invention was never seen before. The phone was completely touch screen with only a couple buttons. Apple just came out with the iPhone 6s in September of 2015. The iPhone is one of the best inventions of the last 10 years due to its versatility, its improvements , and history of solid, reliable technology.
             Apple has had good history with its iPhones. With the first iPhone ever created, you had a multi touch screen that was 3.5 inches (Kepple). The iPhone when it first came out was something that people have never seen before. It made people want to have touch screen phones and a bunch of sensors in their phone. The original iPhone was one of the first to have 3G internet (Moren). Apple has created 11 different iPhones since the very first one ever made. The iPhone has changed the mobile industry upside down. Apple brought a 3-D navigation to your phone. The iPhone 5s let you unlock your phone with your fingerprint. The iPhone 5s a8 processing chip is 50 times faster than the original iPhone (Kepple). So Apple has made huge steps forward in improving their phone. Apple's latest the phone, the iPhone 6s, has so many things you can. .
             The iPhone 6s is a very versatile phone. IOS is very simple and easy to use. The apps are set up perfectly and everything is organized well. It couldn't be any easier to navigate. It's not just the iPhone's operating system that makes it so versatile. The iPhone 6s has a bunch of cool and convenient features. Apple's new live photo feature records a 3 second video with every photo taken (Segan).

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