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Marketing Products to Planned Obsolescence

            Planned obsolescence, the process of creating products that are designed to stop working or go out of fashion in a short amount of time, is a marketing technique many manufacturers use today. A common example is through the use of Apple products. Almost every year, a new version of their classic iPhone is released, and with every release, hundreds of people at every Apple stores line up to get the latest product, even when there are minimal changes to the product itself. However, it is the consumer's desire to obtain the best product they can possible have. The use of planned obsolescence is contradictory, as some say it displaces the consumer's trust. Although planned obsolescence is usually not financially beneficial for the consumer, it usually is an effective marketing technique that many companies should experiment with. .
             Many people state that a long relationship between the customer and a company is most important, as seen in Perspective Two. A manufacturer that offers long lasting products will ensure that relationship, while companies whose products are no longer useful after a short period of time will not satisfy for customer. However, many companies that practice planned obsolescence release products that will last a long time, but they also release new versions of the product frequently. This way, the consumer is able to keep their product if they do not feel the need to get a new one. Nonetheless, the consumer usually feels the need to purchase the latest and greatest product. .
             Others say that planned obsolescence is a bad idea because it ruins the consumer's trust. If the consumer becomes aware that a company builds products to fail, the company will ultimately lose those customers. They say that the customer will eventually realize that the company is creating poor quality products, then they will go to other companies to buy products. However, many companies create products that go out a fashion in a short amount of time, but maintain their usability.

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