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Symbolism in

            When considering Hamlet, one may realise the poetic and symbolic nature of the play. We may also say this is true upon contemplating To The Lighthouse. In doing so, an audience may agree that through careful reflection, dramatic and literary devices used likewise by both playwright and author allow them further understanding of the texts. Devices such as imagery, themes and motifs and also characterisation, along with settings and the language employed by the writer, grant audiences the ability to examine the poetic nature of both the play and novel, and also serve to emphasise the symbolic nature of both. Furthermore, upon studying these elements, one is able to view Hamlet and To The Lighthouse much more concisely in relation to their historical context. .
             When reflecting on a text such as Hamlet, it is difficult to do so without acknowledging the poetry and symbolism within, and thus the poetic and symbolic nature of the play. In order to do this audiences must then pay careful attention to literary and dramatic devices such as language, imagery, settings and characterisations. After such consideration, the historical context of the play may then be noted. Shakespeare's use of language within Hamlet creates a great sense of verse, and thus emphasises the lyric nature of the play. From the grandeur of Hamlet's soliloquies to minute details such as the many asides in the play, audiences would find it difficult not to appreciate the importance of the language within. It is through language that we are allowed to create initial alignments with characters and to empathise with them, but also to feel as though we are a part of their world, to feel what it is like to exist in Denmark during this particular period.
             Why what an ass am I! This is most brave,.
             That I, the son of a dear father murdered,.
             Prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell,.
             Must, like a whore, unpack my heart with words.
             Here, audiences may experience a great sense of compassion and understanding, and thus align themselves with Hamlet.

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