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Western Fallacy

             Love , the four letter word defining the point in life where the sounds never sounded so clear, the lights have never been so bright and the smells have never smelt so sweet. The poetic subject portrayed in almost every piece of art, music and television. From Garth Brooks sweet Nashville melody of unifying love to Nine Inch Nails dark addiction of love in reference to "the perfect drug." From DA Vinci classic example of love for himself portrayed in the Mona Lisa to Salvador Dahli's skewed and abstract painting of his love for his mistress. There truly is no specific definition of love, a universal term used by many but ultimately defined by none. So my question is as many would ponder, Is love real? and if so, What is love? The love that is exemplified in almost all arts and literature from past to present. The love that women dream to indulge in and men dare to conquer. Why is love so easy to define and yet so hard to synthesize a definition of it? Which draws me to the conclusion that love is nothing more then a fallacy construed of society. .
             Particularly, in western civilization the term love is strongly associated with two individuals whom comply with one another on an emotional, physical and compassionate level. At times, ones entire facilitation of life is to find that special someone that will fulfill that vacant hole in ones heart, the pit of empty space with the capacity of one. What I mean by one is just that, only one can fill the space to endure the immense emotion of love, that will initially change ones life. In my opinion, that occupancy of love summed at one seems illogical. There is no plausible success to love just one or to justly find love in an romanticized fashion. I believe that Western culture has determined that love solely consists of the romanticized version. The version of finding that "special someone," and living happily ever after, in a small cottage by a lake or in downtown Manhattan, that seems absurd.

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