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Consolidated Transition for Mergers

             The transition of businesses coming together is a major task. These companies must look at various techniques and theories in order to create a smooth transition for employees, customers, and the organization. The organizational behavior will transform, and direct the path towards the overall goals and objectives of the newly formed company. The strengths and complexity involved in this merger will need to be fully understood in order for employees and management to be prepared for this change. The change process will define how the communication, intentions of the merger, motivation, management style, cultural sensitivity, and employee morale effect this coming together. Management must look for training and evaluation of employees, and give feedback regarding workplace practices to ensure a smooth evolution. Many leadership and motivational theories can be used to build upon this new venture. Mergers are never easy, but can lead to a productive and healthy workplace if transitioned correctly.
             Businesses merge for various reasons. The coming together of the companies creates change. This change affects not only the company structure, but also the employees, shareholders, and associates of the company. Merger, Inc. recently acquired control of our department. This acquisition will bring about several changes within our organization. This change will influence every aspect of daily business and form impressions upon our employees. As managers, we must look at various ways of interacting and dealing with the change as it occurs. We must first look at ways in which individuals, groups, and structures deal with change. We will also examine the benefits and negative aspects of these changes, and what can motivate the organizational behavior to influence this change. Planning the process allows us to evaluate our effectiveness of this merger. As Merger, Inc. begins this acquisition the structure and change will take top priority to ensure a smooth merger.

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