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Consildated Merger

             Acquisitions invoke both fond and negative memories depending on which angle you look at it. Many issues arise whenever there is an acquisition of two companies. Whenever there is an acquisition there is always the potential for havoc. Just as Excellent Electric Company Inc. finished announcing its acquisition of Light Co, we received a conference call form the district manager informing us to begin the entire process of making the acquisition a success. The management team had to be accountable for department performance. Obviously, there were organizational behavior issues to be addressed in our company given the fact employees were not fully understanding what was going on. In addition there was conflict resolution, organizational behavioral issues, motivational issues, and leadership issues.
             In our company, employees were bewildered by the whole move. There were many issues that arose and some issues met which a lot of resistance, and general apathy. Some employees had worked with our company for so long and they feared the uncertainties when faced with the merger. Others felt inclined to cash in on their retirement and move on. Yet others chose to adopt a "wait-and-see- attitude. The obvious path for us was to take an avenue of patience. As a manager, it was essential to address and explain to the employees the process before their issues escalate into an irresolvable problem. It seems the more management explained areas of main concern, the more curious and anxious the employees became. However, it is necessary to have the staff understand that changes will be made, and inform the staff that they will be given the opportunity to make suggestions.
             Management tried to create an atmosphere with the least amount of controversy. Individual employees expressed themselves freely. A lot of the employees viewed the acquisition with a sour taste, they pointed it was a hostile takeover, and our company had no choice but to succumb.

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