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Merger and Effects on Human Motivation

             Effects of Mergers/Acquisitions on Human Behavior and Motivation .
             Angela Fisher.
             Linda Gieger.
             Marilyn Kesinger .
             Janet Sullivan.
             University of Phoenix.
             Org 502 - Human Relations and Organizational Behavior.
             Leslie Gaskins.
             November 6, 2003.
             This paper will take a look at the impact of two motivational theories on a group of seven employees who completed the Work Motivation Survey. It will also look at how individual differences among the survey participants could create workgroup conflicts. It will also assess the impact on this data on job satisfaction and motivation. The data will also relate back to the merger/acquisition transition with the goal in mind of maintaining acceptable levels of individual performance. .
             Effects of Mergers/Acquisitions on Human Behavior and Motivation .
             According to the American Management Association, between two-thirds and three-fourths of all corporate mergers and acquisitions fail. Additionally, one in three acquisitions are sold off within five years (Organizational Dynamics, 1992).
             With odds like that, why do companies even try to merge? What is it that goes so horribly wrong? High debt, poor strategic planning, and bad market timing are often cited in the research as the reason for failure. In addition to the above reasons, we believe a lack of serious consideration for the effects of mergers on human behavior is also to blame. .
             Let us examine why more attention is not given to the human side of mergers. Companies acquiring other companies are primarily concerned with getting the best deal they can and promoting their own self-interests. Buyers tend to push their agendas on those being bought. In most mergers, the effects on the employees of the acquired company are only given lip service. Buyers often fail to comprehend and understand the value of the acquired company's employees. They forget that without the cooperation and support of the employees who work for the acquired company, their great "deal" can quickly turn into a nightmare.

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