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Attitudes and mergers

            Attitudes in Mergers and Acquisition.
             Attitudes can make or break a company and with the approved acquisition of our company Mergers, Incorporated it is a potential downfall. Management needs to play a key role in identifying and overcoming the employee's issues with the change. We are going to discuss what types of attitudes can arise in this situation and how they can influence organizational behavior within the company. The paper will talk about potential attitude issues that may arise from the merger and how to motivate the employees to have a positive outlook on the change. With the new acquisition the company is faced with a human element and we are going to try as a management team to overcome the potential negative attitudes.
             Our focus is on attitudes and how they determine people's behavior; therefore, a positive attitude is required for our company to survive this transition process. Our frame of reference is the Organizational Behavior theory taken from Stephen P. Robins" book (2001), which suggests three key points to identify and evaluate job-attitudes: job satisfaction, job involvement, and organizational commitment. .
             Job satisfaction: refers to individuals" attitude toward his or her job. Our task, as managers, will be to identify these levels of job satisfaction, including, feelings about changing jobs, levels of job frustration "too much challenge will create frustration and feelings of failure", Stephen P, Robins (2001)(p. 67), and levels of satisfaction with the present job, Kopelman et al. (1983). We also have to identify how people feel with the physical surroundings, and if they find friendly and supporting coworkers. "Satisfied employees will be more likely to stay in jobs and accept new challenges, and these new challenges will produce high performance", Locke and Latham (1992). .
             Job involvement: we have to discover if people feel identified with and really care about the job they are doing and the new activities that might arise with the company's fusion.

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