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Silence is Denial

             Wood, at first view, when you don't really know about it, may seem natural, fancy with the romance of the flame, but it is really dangerous. Since many years, urban residents have switched to heating with wood instead of electricity or natural gas. The result is that we are getting many wood stoves and/or fireplace in a very concentrated area. The residents get the impression to be independent, that is natural, giving no harmful to the environment, saving money, but all is just illusion. In other word, the realistic part is that people are not advantaged to heat with wood and is really damaging to the neighbor's health. .
             To illustrate that people are not advantaged to burn wood, some studies have been made. For somebody who intend to harvest wood, this activity include a lot of variable cost, such as chain saw, personal protective equipment, fuel, oil, transportation of this wood and your time, so this wood is not free, you must to pay for it, or you loss the money if you would have sold the wood to your neighbor. Further, in the US, one study has been made on the comparison in the difference in price between wood and natural gas and the result was amazing. The study said that if you want to be competitive economically with natural gas, wood must cost less than $70 per cord, and at some place, the cost of one cord was $235. So, for the guy who wants to cut wood for himself, that must be for him a recreational lifestyle choice, because it's not free, without all expenses that you never think, reparation of equipment for example, and it's not advantageous to buy wood, because you have to work compared to natural gas or electricity.
             In addition, yes burning wood seems natural and very romantic, but if you look on the environmental point of view, that lead to grave consequences. Chemical and small particles of solid material found in the atmosphere, call particulate matter (PM), are produced and go into the environment.

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