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Virgil Ross

             Virgil Ross born August 8, 1907, died on May 15, 1996 from complications of a stroke suffered in March, but now seven years later we all still marvel over his work. He dies at the age of 88. Virgil career all started when he was a sophomore in high school when he realized that he was one class short and took up cartooning. His first real break came in 1930 at Mintz-Screen Gems, where he was hired for $6 a week as a trainee. After being laid off at Ub Virgil quickly landed a job at Water Lantz. Rising through the ranks at Lantz he meets Tex Avery.
             Tex Avery made him an animator at Lantz in 1935, and Ross then followed Avery over to Schlesinger's witch later on became Warner Brothers. While at Warner the birth of Bug Bunny was introduced to the world. "The Wild Hare" landing an Oscar nomination for the first time for Bugs Bunny. Virgil was responsible for 25-30 feet of film each week to be on time and under budget. Among all that work also brought the creation of Yosemite Sam, Tweedy and Sylvester just to name a few.
             Virgil wasn't just one of the best animator but also worked with some of the best that included Bob Clampett , Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones. Although each animator has his own signature strength, Ross's contribution to the characters was unique. .
             Virgil Ross went on to have a long and successful career in animation art, leaving Warner Bros. in 1964 to work for Filmation Studios and later Hanna-Barbera. Although his later it was said that his animation was not as complex and detailed as that from the Warner Bros. period, to me it was still memorable growing up watching the Pink Panther, Superman, The Archies, The Flintstones, Fat Albert and The Groovy Goolies. When I was just a child me and my famalie moved to the untied states from Portugal, and taking English on as a second language, it was these cartoons I watched every day that made my first day of kindergarten much more pleasant.

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