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             Cleopatra .
             Cleopatra was a great ruler of Egypt, Beauty icon as well as a .
             shrewd and clever politician. Why was Cleopatra one of the most famous .
             women of all times and a Great ruler of the Ptolemaic period? Cleopatra lived .
             from 69-30 BC: she was born in 69 BC in Alexandria which was then the .
             capital of Egypt. She took the throne at the age of 17 or 18. I felt that she was .
             an excellent queen, and accomplished many great things in her life she .
             was ambitious and also very clever. She was highly intelligent and a .
             sagacious politician. Her relationship with Jullius Cesar Brought on an alliance .
             between Rome and Egypt and also helped her regain her throne and the .
             relationship between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony kept Egypt independent. .
             Cleopatra was highly intelligent and a shrewd politician She spoke .
             nine languages and. Cleopatra was Macedonian by descent, and was the only .
             person in her family rule to learn the Egyptian language. Cleopatra was a .
             descent form Ptolemy 1 a general of Alexander the great who became king of .
             Egypt after Alexander's death in 323 BC Ptolemy, Cleopatras Father was a .
             weak and cruel ruler and in 58BC the people of Alexandria rebelled and .
             overthrew him .He fled to Rome while his eldest daughter Berenice took the .
             throne. Cleopatra had two older sisters named Bernice and Cleopatra VI, .
             younger sister named Arsinoe and tow younger brothers called Ptolemy.
             Berenices husband/cousin was murdered by her command and her husband .
             Archelaus and her were beheaded: and her other died of unknown causes .
             leaving Cleopatra VII the heir to the throne. She was only 18 when she took .
             the throne and married her brother Ptolemy XIII but it was only for .
             convenience but in 48bc she was striped her of her power because of Ptolmy's .
             power hungry advisers and she was forced into exile in Syria. .
             Cleopatras relationship with Julius Cesar Brought on an alliance .

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