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African Americans in the South

             Wells writes in his 1892 excerpt United States Atrocities, about how the African American society was treated during the time of reconstruction after the civil war. The white southern Americans did not believe that blacks were capable of any kind of self-government. The Southern belief was that the white man must and will rule. The Southern white men have not allowed the black man to vote or to have any kind of civil rights. The so called "lynch law" was spreading fast throughout the South and the government was doing little to make it stop. Ida B. Wells believes that the African Americans should start to boycott certain activities that white men make money off of. He believes that the way to win victory over the white man is to hit him in the pocket book. He thinks that if you threaten to boycott things such as the railroad and street cars that the white man will start to lose money, and this is how the African Americans could gain some respect form the Southern whites. Wells feels that the white people would treat blacks better if they knew that blacks could cut off part of the white's money source. He also wants African Americans to remove themselves from the labor force, because if they withdraw from the labor force, capital will not remain in the South. Wells says that money is the white man's god, and if you can make him choose between money and the random violence of lynching, he will be forced to choose the money. .
             Ida B. Wells also believes that the black men should start to bear arms. He mentions that the one case when a proposed lynching did not carry through was when the black men decided to arm themselves. Wells believes that all African Americans should start to arm themselves for self-defense. He believes that if the white man knows that there is a risk in trying to assault a black man then he will be less likely to go trough with the assault. .
             If the African Americans would have adopted these plans from Ida B.

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