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The Effects of Video Game Violence on Children

            The Effects of Video Game Violence on Children.
             An increase amount of violence in video games creates many problems in children. Children see a large amount of violence when they play video games like fighting and killing, which are the goals for winning most video games. Children learn from what they see on these games and they are learning that violence is acceptable and they do not see any problems in imitating these actions of violence and aggression. Viewing or playing such violence they see actually does cause violence in them. This trend of violence in video games causes violence in children. .
             Video games evoke aggression in children. A majority of video games contain some level of violence, and the purpose of many of them is to kill people to win the game. Children who play these games begin to relate the killing from the games to real life which they start to think is acceptable. For example, the popular game "Medal of Honor" portrays the relationship of violence in a video game to evoking violence in children. "Medal of Honor" is set to take place during the time of World War II at the battle of Normandy. It starts off with the United States soldiers being shipped onto the beach while being bombed and shot at by the German army. Then, as the soldiers approach and reach the beach, they begin to fire back at the Germans. When someone is shot or bombed, the game shows in graphic detail the mutation, shots, and blood of the injured soldier. Once the soldiers pass the beach, the player's man then enters into a mansion occupied by the Germans. Now the player must maneuver his or her man through the entire house, and can only do this by entering each room and killing off every single German that is there. Being killed by the Germans or not being able to kill the Germans results in a loss for the player. After this is accomplished, the player then moves onto a warehouse where the game can finally be won.

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