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Utterly Perfect Murder,

            This essay is about the book The :Utterly Perfect Murder". After reading the "Utterly Perfect Murder," by Ray Bradburry. I thought the main character, Doug, was insane. I thought that his thoughts where to choppy and made no scene My reasoning for this is that all of a sudden he starts thinking, 36 years later, to kill his best friend from when he was just a kid. An example why I think that Doug is insane is " Anyway, on my forty-eighth birthday, lying in bed that night beside my wife, with my children sleeping through all the other quiet moonlit rooms of my house, I thought : I will arise and go now and kill Ralph Underhill. Another reason that he is insane is during the whole story he is saying he can't wait to kill Ralph Underhill, he seems excited that he is going to kill Ralph. An example of this is " fly? I thought, and spoil thinking about murder all across the plains? Spoil oiling the pistol and loading it and thinking of Ralph Underhill's face." My final reason for thinking he is insane is that he wanted to kill him for little things, which really aren't something to kill someone over. An example of this is" .in all those years, never once did Ralph run to my house." Doug also gives many examples of these little things in the story. I think these three reasons do show that Doug was insane and wanted revenge for stupid reasons. Doug was very irritations in this story also but most of all I think he is crazy. I think cause be cause of his acctions her took in the book. After I read the book I did not enjoy it, it was a little weird.

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