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Animal Experimentation

            A helpless animal being experimented on is a commonality among all countries in the world, but it goes on in obscurity to protect the ill nature of those performing these acts of supposed reasonable violence. There are some that believe it is just to sacrifice the lives of thousands of innocent animals for the sake of scientific gain. Just because most animals may not be as intelligent as humans on philosophical levels, does not mean they should become our test puppets so we can butcher them whilst attempting to deduce cures for common diseases as an excuse. Animal experimentation is unethical, and although it may have been useful in extremely rare circumstances; unjustly harming other beings for a "greater good" is unmerited and malevolent.
             Animals should be treated equally, there is no better reason than the fact that they have been here just as long as us, and just because we do not understand them and cannot communicate with their societies, should not make them victims to better ours. In a recent article by Andrew Goldstein, he briefly mentioned some of the horribly common things that happened in a test lab in Ohio: " Michael Podell has spent the last 2 years infecting cats with the feline version of HIV cutting into their brain tissue then killing and dissecting them." In most of these labs, animals are treated as lifeless masses of scientific experimentation, and are quite frequently treated with utmost cruelty. These animals are often bred into a world of misery, and they spend most of they life with open wounds or induced cripples because the head scientist is trying to find a more powerful aspirin. They are commonly forced to live in cages only inches bigger than their body mass with no water or food, and often clubbed abruptly to end their lives. It is nearly impossible to stop animal experimentation, considering it is not illegal to commit such willful acts of evil.

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