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Ethnics of Animal Experimentation

            In the past, animal research had a vital role in many scientific advancements and helps to answer unknown scientific questions. People are able to have a better quality of life due to scientific advancements that are made possible by animal research. Animal research creates controversy between people who agree with animal research and the people who believe research with animals is cruelty. These opponents include animal- rights extremists and vivisectionist groups who believe that animal experimentation is cruel and unnecessary, irrespective of its purpose and benefits. These extremists want the total abolition of all animal research. If these extremists succeed in the abolition of animal experimentation, there would be immense consequences for scientific research and advancements. Animal research is a necessity and should continue because animals are considerable inferior to humans, it helps researchers find drugs and treatments, and animals are sometimes benefitted as well.
             Animal research extremists argue that animals are morally equal to humans. Philosophers believe in the idea of a moral community that is a group with similar traits. In the human moral community, all humans have the right to make independent decisions; however, animals are not included in this moral community. Since animals do not have the same cognitive abilities as humans have, therefore animals are not part of the human moral community and should not be granted human rights. Without the human rights, animals are allowed to be used for research. Animal experimentation is ethical because humans have a higher moral status than animals and animals lack human rights. .
             Researchers are able to find drugs and treatments from animal experimentation. ­­­­­­­­One major benefit of animal testing is its helps researcher to improve human health and make new medicines. For example many cancer and HIV drugs, vaccines and other modern medicine was possible only because of animal experimentations.

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