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Nazi medicine

             The Holocaust killed millions of Jews, Gypsies, and other ethnicities that didn't fit the description of the super race. Only the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryans were accepted under Hitler's order of ethnic cleansing. "The blond hair, blue eye, super men were to be the only race," claims an article on Medical Experimentation. Those who were not accepted by the Nazi military were forced into one of three fates: forced labor, immediate death, or worst of all, biomedical experimentation. .
             During the reign of the third reich, the most dominant leadership in Germany's long history, a man by the name of Adolf Hitler took the reigns. His goal: set up the super race and make the world see that Germans were the right breed, the only breed. The Storm Trooper (commonly referred to as the SA) division of the German Army was solely responsible for putting Hitler into power. Instead of thanking them, he returned the favor by having every leader of the SA murdered. Hitler felt the SA was becoming too powerful and uncontrollable. Once named reichfuhrer, or empire leader, of Germany, Hitler sought a new cabinet of military protection. He relied on the little brother of the SA, the SS. The SS, or Schutzstaffel, was known internationally as the protection squad. Hitler found great confidence in the 38 divisions of the SS. Their largest duty by far was their responsibility for running the Holocaust. For every Jew, Gypsy, and Russian that died under the gas chamber there was an SS soldier to push the button. For every victim that was shot, there was an SS soldier to pull the trigger. For every innocent man, woman, and child that was abused, raped, tortured, and killed, there was the empty conscience of an SS Soldier. "Let death be our battle companion," they would cry in battle. "We are the black band.".
             One of Hitler's orders was to corral a large amount of Jewish, Gypsy, and Russian prisoners on several different occasions, and perform experiments on them as if they were animals or worse.

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