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Doctors in the holocaust

             Even though the Holocaust was wrong, the experiments the doctors performed have been very helpful to modern day medicine. Some people say the chose to kill lives instead of saving them. However, they actually helped save lives.
             It is true some of the experiments performed were hypothermia, sterilization with radiation, and injections of infectious diseases. With out these experiments we wouldn't know what symptoms to look for in a person with an infectious disease. We also wouldn't know what causes sterilization. Because we learned what causes sterilization from the Nazis we are looking for ways to cure people. We wouldn't know how long a person can stay in freezing water before they go into hypothermia.
             Without those experiments we wouldn't know the proper way to perform surgeries. Though the Nazi doctors did not perform surgeries properly we learned what not to do during surgeries. We learned to use anesthesia and to clean surgery utensils. It was wrong that so many people had to die because of these experiments. If they wouldn't have performed those experiments we may not have learned these things till a hundred years later. We would have never learned how to create cures and vaccines for infectious diseases.
             Even though these experiments were completely wrong on so many levels they have helped with diseases. In the twentieth century the Nazi doctors had discovered what caused lung cancer and bladder cancer. Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD states that "German .
             physicians established the linkage of occupational diseases and cancer to environmental poisons, such as irradiation by uranium, radium and radon (radiation poisoning and cancer); dust inhalations such as chromium (cancer of the lung), quartz (silica dust; silicosis), asbestos (asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothliomas), etc"(Faria internet). .
             To some people Nazi medical science is acknowledged as bad science. However, the results that the Nazi doctors came up with were projected to benefit the medical fields.

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