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             Inhuman is morally defined as being without compunction or human feeling; in cold blood; cold-blooded killing; characterized by, or attended with, cruelty; as, an inhuman act or punishment. The Holocaust is a direct example of this and recorded as one of the most horrendous cases of inhumanity the world has bared to witness. When Hitler came into the spotlight, masquerading as a saint of hope, people of course were oblivious.
             As most things do, the discrimination of Jews gradually took place. First, it began with posted signs, "No Jews Allowed," outside of theaters, restaurants, and shops. Next was the confiscation of valuables-property, homes, businesses, jewelry, and cars. Police were soon in the area, patrolling streets and arresting random Jews. Police were instructed not to interfere with the Aryan life, and only the Jews, especially rich ones, were to be arrested and refined to the "ghettos.".
             Living in the ghettos wasn't the hardest situation to live in. However it did take them away from their homes and valued possessions. At arbitrary times, Nazis officers would come around knocking on random doors, ordering the older people out. Some of them would be shot on the spot, some were taken from the ghettos, put into a truck, driven outside of town, then shot. Nazi officers aimed at killing the intellectuals- teachers, doctors, and lawyers- and the elderly who couldn't work. These killings soon mutated from being unexpected to plausible.
             Ghettos, know one expected at the time, were really the weed out process and elimination of the weak for labor and death camps. The difference between the camps was in labor camps, forced labor was used for help with the war effort, yet still killing the Jews slowly with back breaking work. Death camps were strictly killing, built specifically for that purpose.

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