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Holocaust Denial Theory

            The holocaust denial is a theory that basically insists that 6 million Jews weren't killed. "In fact, as a general rule Holocaust deniers claim that roughly around 300,000 to 1.5 million were killed (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 1) ". Countless accounts have proved otherwise, in this essay I will choose to illustrate how beliefs of the holocaust deniers can be discredited with widely known evidence including the final plan, video and photographic evidence as well as first account testimonies. Stephan Atkins a writer insists"Deniers are usually anti semites whose only chance to ever have a chance at rehabilitation is, simply to deny the holocaust ever occurred since it stripped them of their legitimacy as a group. "(80). I will be mentioning some recognizable deniers such as David Irving, Robert Faurisson, and Ingrid Rimland who have dedicated a considerable amount of effort in supporting the holocaust denial. Through a considerable amount of recognized evidence I will explain how holocaust denial is incorrect. .
             The root of the problem began in the 1940's with the Nazi Regime taking over countless countries, while invading Europe where, several million jews were massacred,scarring the face of human history forever. "The holocaust denial is originally French and German but it has antecedents are American. Anti-Semites have ties of strong dislike rooted from the death of Jesus committed by jews , whom also presumed that the Jewish poisoned wells, spread the black death, and were the main supporters of the communist movement in Eastern Europe " (Atkins 81). As far as the holocaust denial theories spread into America, it began with the introduction of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, said to describe the most thorough account of anti semitism ever published. Henry Ford of Ford Motors also became convinced that Jews were responsible for WW1 and printed the book for seven years in his newspaper the Dearborn Independent, which gave credibility to the idea that the Jews had started the war as a means to gain profit, which in turn only added to the already blossoming idea of antisemitism in America.

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