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             During World War Two the German's began a process of trying to exterminate Jewish people which would later be called the Holocaust. This life scaring period of time held many gruesome and traumatizing sites for many people. When people go back to study this horrible period of time many are appalled and grossed out. To let kids in or below high school study the Holocaust with graphic details would be wrong and they should not be exposed to many of the photos of graphic descriptions of the Holocaust until they are out of high school and are ready to be exposed to these details.
             When a speaker from the National Holocaust Memorial Museum stated that they thought that students below college were not ready to study the Holocaust in great depth, they made a very valid statement for many reasons. Childhood it is a time when kids are molded and learn right from wrong and about the world. Children often learn about violence, but not it great detail so they aren't exposed to graphic images. When children learn about the Holocaust it would be a huge mistake to hear and see many of the violent things that took place. If children saw this it could scar them for life. By seeing and hearing graphic detail about the Holocaust it could prevent children from learning about it in the future. Kids would see and hear these details and be so appalled by it that they never want to hear or talk about it in the future and that would cause it to be forgotten or never brought up again. If that happened then it would hurt generations to come because when the kids that were exposed in too much detail to it have their own kids then they will not explain or talk to their kids about what had occurred. Another problem with too much exposure to the holocaust is that it causes faith to be lost in the governmental system. The children see the horrible images and wonder how the German government could be behind all this and hurt so many people, so when the children begin to grow up they have no faith in government and always living in fear that they government could suddenly change on them.

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