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            Adolf Hitler made Germans the number one importance of the world and this thinking is what caused the holocaust. The holocaust is something which still haunts people today. It is a memory that will continue to burn into our minds. The cause of the holocaust is that Hitler blamed Jews for the start of World War two. For this Jew were rounded up and brought to a Nazi concentration camp. It was Hitler's "final solution." They were built in Eastern Europe. The Jews would have to ride some times have to ride several days in cattle cars filled with so many people that they were unable to move. The cattle cars brought them to camps. Many captives died along the way from starvation and asphyxiation. Once at the camps the Jews were divided into two groups. Those who were healthy enough to do labor were kept alive in one group. The second group included babies, children and aging grandparents. They were put to death at once because they were no use to the Nazis. The camps were enclosed with barbed wire and stone walls. Any Jew that tried to escape was immediately killed. They were guarded heavily by German soldiers. The camps held gas showers. Jews were gathered together and told that they were going to be able to take a shower. They were stripped of their clothes and take to the shower chamber. Little did they know this would be their march to death. Once inside the doors were closed. A tablet of Zykon B was dropped into the chamber from a small opening. It would spread and most people would die from three- fifteen minutes. The soldiers would know if everyone was dead when the screaming stopped, which was about thirty minutes later. The bodies were then removed and taken to a crematorium where they would be burned to ash. There were about thirty death camps located in Germany and Poland. The largest was Auschwitz in southern Poland. Others included Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Lubin and Chelmno. It was designed to kill up to thirty thousand people a day.

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