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Morality In The Holocaust

            In reference to the Holocaust, all words are inadequate. However, silence is not any better, only worse. The event has become known as the largest racist horde of crimes to occur in the twentieth century. For the rest of time, no morality can be adequate enough to grapple with its significance and its utter waste. Looking at the horrific event, morality seems to be one of the largest problems and struggles next to "Why?" What makes the Holocaust immoral? And how can anyone claim it slightly moral?.
             A main pillar of Jewish belief is that nothing happens in a vacuum. Meaning everything happens for a reason and has an underlying meaning itself. History has a meaning, oppression has a meaning, and suffering has a meaning. They are people whose essence has a meaning. It is the lifeblood of who they are and what they stand for as a nation. Saying this, it would be easy to say that the Holocaust must have a meaning as well and must have happened for a reason. After all the suffering and the pain of the Holocaust, some Jews would say there lie the seeds of understanding their unique mission as Jews, even today. This does not suggest that any one explanation will ever fully help us come to terms with the persecution and murder of millions of innocent people. Even if there is meaning lying in the cause and effects of the Holocaust, how can we ever decipher what should and should not be moral and who gets to make the decision?.
             During World War II, approximately eleven million Jews, Gypsies, Poles and other Eastern Europeans and people of other nationalities and religions were "systematically" exterminated during the Nazi Holocaust. Men, women, and children were forced and driven out of their homes simply because of their race. Jews were forced to wear symbols on their sleeves. Tattooed numbers were branded on the hands of those "sentenced" into camps. This number became their identity.

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