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Save a Life

             Murder constitutes the harshest criminal penalty in America's judicial system. It once served as grounds for immediate execution of criminals and even now similar penalties exist. .
             The mass murder of entire races stands out as the most horrifying crime to humanity. The holocaust burns images of humans being herded like cattle into trains full of feces and the smell of rotting bodies, women and children wasting away to emaciated and starved figures, and dead corpses being piled into masses and swept under the dirt like nothing happened.
             No one stopped Hitler then, and hospitals across the U.S. have been creating their own appalling holocaust for the past 30 years. Since the Roe vs. Wade court decision to legalize abortion, 40 million innocent lives have been disposed of like garbage and small bodies tucked away into jars and trash bags. This is the same court who considers murder to be one of the worst crimes in our society. .
             These small bodies were deliberately killed by their own mothers and doctors who spend their life crushing skulls and asphyxiating babies in their mother's womb. The morality of this crime cannot be justified, but the government, hospitals, and even the citizens of our country insist that it is appropriate for mothers to decide their baby has no right to live. .
             Some mothers abort their babies because of possible disabilities or birth defects. Teenage mothers may decide having a baby would disrupt their lifestyle, or they couldn't give their child a life of opportunities. A disabled or impoverished life is better then no life at all. .
             Not convinced. What if your mother wasn't convinced? You may have had possible birth defects, been a hindrance to her life, or simply weren't convenient at the time. Aren't you glad she gave you a chance, no matter how pathetic your life is? .
             Clearly every unborn child has the right to life. Now 40 million lives can't be taken back, but 40 million more deaths can be prevented.

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