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The Save the Children Organization

            The "Save the Children" Organization has very consistent aims to make the conditions better as soon as possible for children around the world. As it is clear from the name of the organization, it uses all of the resources for the sake of children always. The main aim is to use the all moral and material support in the most effective way on behalf of children. However, there are also sub-categories for the aims:.
             -to bring the problems which children have to deal with into the open and to come up with a solution for each problem.
             -to make the results continuing and going a long way.
             -to make the voice of children more audible and with this aim to launch the necessary campaigns.
             -to make other people, other countries or organizations aware of this situation and with this aim to communicate with people, governments or other organizations for building new partnerships.
             All around the world, there are 30 organizations which make partnership with this organization for making the world better and more livable in nearly 120 countries. The organization care about the rights of children around the world and all of the volunteers promise to do their best for keeping respect to children during their personal, school or work life and places. In United States and around the world, the organization tries to lead the children's poor lives to brighter, healthy and up and coming future. For instance, the organization reached 30.000 American children in 13 states and DC and gave them the opportunity to take the early education, which is a very sharp point for the education life of the children. The organization also reached totally 150.000 children in 15 states and DC; and gave those children the opportunity for being a literal person which makes them go beyond the poor and unliterary life. The organization sets different regional centers to make things go well and easy for the children all over the world.

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