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Save a life: Raise the Smoking Age

            Many people have become victims of cigarettes, whether it is by actually smoking them or being around someone who does. It is not a pleasant smell, and the long term effects are nothing to rant about. Many older smokers say that they started smoking at a very young age. That is why I believe that the legal age of smoking should be bumped up from 18 to 21. Even if it only stops one teenager from buying a pack, it is effective to some levels.
             Many teenagers, some of age some not, will be livid about this issue. There are many arguments that they could bring to the table that proves raising the age is a lost cause. For example, many teenagers will say that they will do it anyway. They can find someone of age to buy it for them, or else they can steal some if they want it that bad. While this is true, the same answer goes for drinking as well. There will always be someone out there who is trying to break the rules somehow. However, if the smoking age is raised, many teenagers will think twice about it. There will be more cashiers checking IDs, because it is harder to pass for 21 than it is to pass for 18 when you are underage. The fear of getting caught will also be on the minds of some teenagers, which will be the deciding factor to whether or not they pick up the habit illegally. .
             Another argument is that if a man can fight for his country at age 18, he should be able to make his own decisions on smoking. In fact, these are two separate issues and should not be compared together. One is doing something to help protect your country, while the other is just bringing harm to yourself willingly. It is also considered an honor to fight for your country, but it is not an honor to smoke cigarettes. In both situations it is true that you do run the risk of losing your life. However, one is much more honorable than the other.
             If you increase the age of smoking from 18 to 21, then you will be losing a lot of money that comes from those teens who buy the cigarettes.

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