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Why Smoking Is Bad

            What is in a cigarette? There are over 4.000 chemicals in just one cigarette, many of which are poisonous, and forty-three that have been proven to cause cancer according to www.truth.com. Nicotine is a poison that causes the addiction to cigarettes but some experts say that it is not usually the nicotine that kills but these other chemicals. I got that from www.Marlboro.com. Smoking is an addiction it causes smokers to smell, to have yellow teeth and to have yellow nails. Smoker's houses have a horrible smell from the tobacco and the walls of their house would be yellow, as well.
             My Uncle on my father's side; Uncle Seung smoked cigarettes since he was in high school and once he arrived here in California from Cambodia, he smoked heavily more. Well one day my Uncle Seung went to go get a check up because he was getting chest pain, his doctor told him he should quit smoking because your lungs are catching up to you meaning your lungs are about to retire. My Uncle Seung thought it was nothing later on as the year gone by; He had a heart attack. Smoking one cigarette quickly raised my Uncle's blood pressure and heart rate and decreases the blood flow to his body. The doctor told him all the problems of smoking such as brain damage to the nerve system and your memory wouldn't be as well as it was 20 years ago. He would get facial wrinkles at an early age, smoking caused dizziness, nausea, watery eyes and acid in the stomach. The doctor also said he may get lung cancer; the number one leading cause of lung cancer from smoking. There are just too many health hazards to list out, but there is plenty more of why you shouldn't smoke.
             I remember when I was a young kid probably still in grade school my Uncle would say "My eyes are getting watery." Also I notice my Uncle doesn't have a big appetite because of smoking. I also remember my Uncle would have shortness in his breath every time, he was breathing.

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