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Smoking is Bad

            Centuries of burning different plants and the smoke inhaled in one’s body enabled Native Americans to speak with their deceased ancestors. These Native Americans gave the Europeans the idea of smoking, and through centuries of time and technology, this made cigarettes a profitable industry. The chemicals in cigarettes can make a person become addicted and then, leads to disease and death. Despite the fact that cigarette taxes have brought much money to our government, smoking should be illegal.
             The topic of banning cigarettes has been brought upon the United States Congress but was never passed. Taxes from cigarettes give our government large amounts of money but they spend most of that money on the prevention of underage smoking and give free “get clean kits” but, more people are starting to smoke rather than quit. Another bad thing would be if smoking became illegal, there would be many illegal imports forcing people to buy cigarettes at high prices. Then, certain groups of people would gain money to commit acts of terror. This has happened before when congress passed a law making alcohol consumption illegal. The Italian Mafia gained high power in the crime of smuggling alcohol. Smoking does not give much advantage to our society. .
             The belief that smoking is bad for the body is the reason it should be illegal. Many lives would be saved. Lung cancer would be greatly lowered. People will live longer. When non smokers walk into a café to get their coffee in a building that allows smoking, the non smoker is disturbed because their blood and lungs are not used to the deadly toxins. That is why non smokers usually cough when they first breathe smoke fumes, because the human body rids the bad smoke out of their system. What do people want more, life or death.
             Some people believe that smoking should be legal like my neighbor, Alicia S., said “It is a very difficult choice, but we have the freedom of choice and cigarettes are not illegal as long as the danger signs are printed on the box, this ensures a core democratic value.

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